Micro Cloud Concept

In a Smart Home context, IoTs will not be just personal, and therefore attached to a Smartphone, a Tablet or a PC only. They will need some kind of domestic fixed Hub, readily available for family use rather than just individual driven. Moreover, such multipurpose Hub will have to work even when people are away, or when the telecom line falls down. In other words, such a Smart Home Hub will need to create some kind of offline Micro-Cloud dealing seamlessly with whatever Media, Telecom and IoT patterns people will be mixing and scaling.. 

Leveraging its long lasting Digital TV experience and legitimacy, HyperPanel has developed a complete software stack empowering a rather advanced Media Home Gateway (MHG) capable of setting up this domestic Micro-Cloud. As a base, it redistributes TV signals, both Broadcast and IP, but also Photos and Music’s, on any and all multiple screens at home. Doing so, it makes advanced IPTV and multiscreen use cases truly universal, because both operator independent, and matching the nearly 100% Broadcast reach. Simultaneously, and without jeopardizing the ultimate multiroom Digital TV performances created to enter people’s living-rooms, the HyperPanel multipurpose powered MHG also handles seamlessly multiple IoT to unleash Smart Home at everyone fingertips’, even using the TV remote control and relying on the intuitive family TV screen to do so.

The Micro Cloud paves the way for new greenfield services Operators to market value added innovative smart home solutions, leveraging whenever possible on popular broadcast channels and NAS type use cases to create an attractive context and a captive ecosystem for consumers. The Micro Cloud can then be tailored to handle over the top multiple IoTs simultaneously, actually thanks to the unique and disruptive HyperPanel Operating System fundamentals that enable this seamless scalability. When combining the truly agile Media Home Gateway together with the Back-Office, not to mention the ability for people to enable smart home monitoring through intuitive TV management, Operators can unleash a whole new IoT business at home.