Hardware Architecture

Over the years, HyperPanel Lab has gained a solid world-class reputation in terms of hardware architecture expertize and capabilities.

Beyond supporting customers in terms of middleware implementation, as well as turnkey applicative solutions, HyperPanel Lab also brings in a rather talented engineering team capable of defining complex designs. In addition to the architecture phase that it can handle fully, HyperPanel Lab does also often interact with ODM hardware designers to review, monitor and correct schematics and gerbers during the course of the R&D workload.

Also, HyperPanel Lab has gathered in house the necessary equipments to debug prototypes and strap PCBA to help building development boards, working prototypes and POC without loosing time in back and forth communications with Asia or the ROW.

Doing so, HyperPanel Lab can act as a one stop shopping, hence becoming an essential resource for partners and customers who desire fast time to market for disruptive and complex architectures. Typically, HyperPanel Lab defined the architecture and conducted the whole design-monitoring phase for the very first modular TV Server ever designed.