Disruptive Operating System

HyperPanel has ultimately developed, and entirely copyrighted, a whole new highly disruptive Operating System (OS) that enables Internet of Things (IoT) to become increasingly smarter, agile and secure, while drastically lowering hardware cost and power consumption.

HyperPanel’s breakthrough kernel architecture aims at tackling the global IoT ecosystem. Those billions of Connected Things shall necessarily rely on a whole new set of embedded lightweight software technologies - as well as beyond the Cloud – on some sort of local and indoor Hubs. These Media Home Gateways (MHG) will redistribute intelligence offline, basically making machines and Things both ultra low power capable, and highly secure.

Simultaneously, HyperPanel has also developed and rolled-out the complete back-office platform that is scaled and tailored to manage - both from the Cloud and at the edge - either domestic or large scale smart building deployments where both MHG and IoT get an increasingly wider momentum. Such head-end platform aims at enabling market stakeholders to better capture the core value of the booming Big Data paradigm.