Digital TV


Beside the analogue TV switchover, and the Pay TV sustained momentum which both are and will be essentially relying on Broadcast technologies, Multiscreen video viewing would also seem as being an unstoppable tide, hence shifting overall spending on traditional set-top boxes (STBs) towards Media Home Gateways (MHGs). Set-top boxes originally served as the bridge from analogue to digital. Today, MHG are playing a similar role, acting as the bridge between broadcast and IP video distribution

IP video screens are multiplying rapidly through widespread adoption of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, consumers consider these screens as alternatives or supplements to traditional big TV screens, thus emphasizing that a huge new opportunity is emerging for those prepared to adopt multiscreen strategies.

It perfectly aligns with the SAT>IP project scope originally introduced by SES which aims at creating an Industry Standard to make Broadcast Satellite available on Tablets, PC, Smart TV, … HyperPanel Lab was first to obtain that prestigious SAT>IP Server certification for a headed MHG, and not just a switch.

Overall, the Market for feature-rich Headed PVR Gateway boxes is booming. Using these Multimedia Home Gateway (MHG) modern devices, TV Broadcasters can offer both in-home content streaming and multiroom recording towards Tablets, Smartphones, IP Boxes, …, as well as a disruptive ubiquitous Home Micro Cloud that can moreover nicely accommodate Smart Home services into TVs to enable increasing their subscription revenues and competitiveness. The seamless Broadcast to IP nature of HyperPanel Lab’s powered MHGs also clearly appears as the only way for pure Broadband Operators to expand the home network media reach and their IPTV eligibility.

As an Industry perspective, the HGI Forum (HomeGateway Initiative) - that was created in 2004 by the 7 leading EU Internet Providers to define Internet routers, released a specification in June 2014 (further backed by the 40 extra members who have joined HGI over the years), that sets out Broadband Service Providers business requirements for MHGs. Considering Broadcast as the essential gap-filler for Broadband, HGI stated that: "For Service Providers having many bandwidth-constrained customers (such as ADSL customers) the Media Gateway with DTT or SAT tuners enables the delivery of the most popular live channels to multiple retail devices working simultaneously. Thus the multi-room promise becomes available to all customers.”

The HGI Froum document then looks at five different use cases of the MHG being (i) the consumption of premium content on portable devices, particularly mobiles; (ii) a home based PVR that serves all devices; (iii) a ‘Follow Me’ service, allowing users to suspend the content stream and pick it up again on any device, in or outside the home; (iv) extending remote control using non-dedicated devices; and (v) a ‘home cloud’. All of these are nicely covered by HyperPanel Lab’s solutions.