About Us

HyperPanel is a French private R&D company that was established in 1986 as a truly independent software engineering Laboratory selling the output of its own in-house developments. The company has gained a world-class reputation in building advanced disruptive solutions, especially since the highly successful tipping-point we made for CanalSatellite in 1996 when we fully developped for them the whole middleware of the world-first interactive digital STB (Set-Top Box) ever deployed (35 millions HyperPanel core licences have then been rolled-out in Europe, Asia and Middle-East).

Over the years, HyperPanel has ultimately developed, and entirely copyrighted, a whole new highly disruptive Operating System (OS) that enables Internet of Things (IoT) to become increasingly smarter, agile and secure, while drastically lowering hardware cost and power consumption.

As anytime soon tens of billions of digital IoTs will drive every Industry into another game-changing revolution - then beside being extremely lightweight - HyperPanel’s embedded OS architecture brings stunning cost advantages and edgier performances compare to any other mainstream kernel, including Linux or any of other Unix derivatives.

Being specifically designed to add and share seamless and scalable connectivity and intelligence locally at the edge, HyperPanel’s OS overcomes cloud-centric only approaches to thereafter address the critical bandwidth issues, as well as the time and privacy-sensitive growing concerns.

In terms of Go to Market, HyperPanel has first licensed its software Technology to empower a break-through consumer domestic multipurpose Hub, so called Media Home Gateway (MHG), which is now industrialized by tier-one manufacturers. These MHGs are duly capable of both streaming any and all TV signals and recordings to multiple screens, smartphones and tablets, while also monitoring simultaneously on popular TV sets numerous Smart Home IoT devices. Sidewise, an internally developed back-office Cloud platform tailored for Operators has been deployed to remotely manage MHGs. Moreover, it is also in use since 2014 to control 24,000 IoTs and sensors in a 300,000-sqft energy positive office building nearby Paris, hence enabling HyperPanel to tackle this booming Industry where energy efficiency management is going to be paramount in the decade to come.